The School Is Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
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Staff Faculty  
Ms. Anupama Sinha M.Sc.(Zoology), B.Ed, NTT PRINCIPAL
Mrs. Amita Singh M.A., B.Ed Supervisory Head(Sr. Wing)
Ms. Neelam Sharma M.A,B.Ed. Supervisory Head(Jr. Wing)
Ms. Parveen Sharma B.A., B.Ed, NTT Supervisory Head(KG. Wing)
Ms. Manju Gupta M.A, B.Ed Supervisory Head(Co-scholastic Wing)
Pre-Primary Faculty
Ms. Ayushi Khurana M.Com, B.Ed,PGDCA Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. Poonam Miglani M.A., B.Ed Pre-Primary Teacher
Mrs. Anu Bajaj M.A., B.Ed, NTT Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. Poonam Kadyan M.A., B.Ed Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. Monika Sehgal M.A., B.Ed Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. Priyanka Malik B.A., B.Ed, NTT Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. Kimmi M.Sc., B.Ed. Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. Suman Sharma M.A, B.Ed, PGDCA Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. Renu B.A. ,  B.ED. Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. Jaspreet B.Com, B.ED. Pre-Primary Teacher
Primary Faculty
Mrs. Poonam Sharma B.A., B.Ed Primary Teacher
Mrs. Deepika Prashar M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed Primary Teacher
Mrs. Pushpa Bhardawaj B.A., B.Ed, Dip. in E.E Primary Teacher
Mrs. Alka Joshi B.Sc,  NTT, M.A., M.Ed. Primary Teacher
Mrs. Neeti Wadhwa B.A., B.Ed Primary Teacher
Mrs. Sonia Hooda B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed., C.TET Primary Teacher
Mrs. Preeti B.A., M.A., B.Ed. Primary Teacher
Ms. Sapna B.A, B.Ed., NTT, PGDCA Primary Teacher
Ms. Kavita Dahiya M.A, B.Ed Primary Teacher
Eng.  Faculty
Mrs. Amita Singh M.A., B.Ed HOD(Enlish)
Ms. Deepika Arora B.Com., B.Ed English Teacher
Ms. Poonam Wasan M.A, B.Ed, MBA English Teacher
Ms. Meenu Dawar M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil English Teacher
Ms. Jagriti B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed English Teacher
Ms. Mukesh M.A., B.Ed. English Teacher
Ms. Santosh M.A., B.Ed. English Teacher
Ms. Priyanka Sharma M.A., B.Ed. English Teacher
Ms. Poonam Dhiman M.A., B.Ed. English Teacher
Ms. Smriti M.A. English Teacher
Ms. Vanita B.A., B.Ed. English Teacher
 S.St Faculty
Ms. Neelam Sharma M.A., B.Ed, DCA HOD(S.Sci)
Ms. Saraswati M.A, B.Ed S.St Teacher
Ms. Parul  M.Com, B.Ed S.St Teacher
Ms. Promila M.A, B.Ed S.St Teacher
Ms. Deepti M.A, B.Ed S.St Teacher
Ms. Suman Rani M.A, B.Ed S.St Teacher
Ms. Mukesh M.A, B.Ed S.St Teacher
Ms. Babita Paliwal M.A, B.Ed S.St Teacher
Ms. Lalita Pahawa  M.A., B.Ed., H.TET S.St Teacher
Ms. Sushma Rana M.A, B.Ed S.St Teacher
Maths Faculty
Ms. Kiran M.A, B.Ed, PGDCA Maths Teacher
Ms. Manju Gupta B.A. B.Ed. Maths Teacher
Ms. Sheetal M.Sc.(Math), B.Ed, MBA Maths Teacher
Ms. Pooaj Dhull B.A., B.Ed. Maths Teacher
Ms. Ritika B.Sc, B.Ed Maths Teacher
Ms. Meenakshi M.A., B.Ed Maths Teacher
Ms. Dimple B.A. B.Ed. Maths Teacher
Ms. Pooja Kadyan M.A., B.Ed Maths Teacher
Ms. Neeraj B.A., B.Ed. Maths Teacher
Ms. Divya M.A., B.Ed Maths Teacher
Ms. Sunita Sharma B.Com, MBA, B.Ed., M.Com Maths Teacher
Commerce Faculty
Mr. Mahesh Kumar B.Com, M.Com, M.A.(Eco.), MBA(Finances) B.Ed. Commerce Teacher
Science Faculty
Ms. Sakshi M.Sc.,B.Ed. HOD(Science)
Ms. Preeti M.Sc.,B.Ed. Science Teacher
Mrs. Manju Batra B.Sc, M.A., B.Ed Science Teacher
Mr. Surender M.Sc.,B.Ed. Science Teacher
Ms. Sonu M.A., B.Ed. Science Teacher
Ms. Prince malik M.Sc.,B.Ed. Science Teacher
Ms. Garima M.SC., B.Ed., C.TET Science Teacher
Ms. Naveen Deswal B.Sc., M.SC., B.Ed. Science Teacher
Ms. Neeru Rawal B.Sc., B.Ed.,PGDCA, H.TET Science Teacher
Ms. Meenu Sharma B.Sc., B.Ed. Science Teacher
Hindi Faculty
Mrs. Manju Rani M.A., B.Ed HOD(Hindi)
Mrs. Bhanwati M.A., B.Ed, Prabhakar Hindi Teacher
Ms. Vandana M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil, H.TET Hindi Teacher
Ms. Kavita M.A.,B.Ed Hindi Teacher
Mrs. Seema Dixit M.A.,B.Ed.,Prabhakar Hindi Teacher
Ms. Seema Sehrawat PGDCA, B.ed., D.Ed. Hindi Teacher
Ms. Aditi M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil Hindi Teacher
Ms. Madhu M.A., B.Ed Hindi Teacher
Ms. Rajni Kadyan M.A., B.Ed Hindi Teacher
S.kt. & DS Faculty
Mrs. Suman M.A., B.Ed, M.Ed HOD(Sanskrit)
Ms. Rachna M.A, B.Ed. S.Kt. Teacher
Ms. Rajni Kadyan M.A, B.Ed., N.T.T. S.Kt. Teacher
Ms. Ritu Goel B.A, B.Ed., N.T.T. S.Kt. Teacher
Ms. Savita Shastri, B.ed., Diploma in Art & Craft S.Kt. Teacher
Computer Faculty
Mrs. Rekha Sharma B.Com, PGDCA, M.Sc.(Comp. Sci.), D. Ed., Dip. in Web Designing HOD(Computer), ERP-Coordinator
Mrs. Pooja Gupta MCA, M.Tech. Computer Teacher
Ms. Sushma M.Sc, PGDCA Computer Teacher
Ms. Ritu B.Sc., MCA, B.Ed. Computer Teacher
Art Faculty
Mrs. Usha Rani B.F.A Art & Craft Teacher
Ms. Rajni M.A., B.Ed., Diploma in Arts & Craft Art & Craft Teacher
Ms. Bhavya B.F.A Art & Craft Teacher
Mr. Dalip B.F.A Clay Moulding Teacher
Music Faculty
Mr. Rakesh kumar M.A, B.Ed. HOD(Music & Dance)
Mr. Sunil M.A, M.Phill, B.Ed. Music Teacher
Mr. Virender M.A, B.Ed. Music Teacher
Sports Faculty
Mr. Pradeep Kadyan B.A.,MPED,NIS(CC) H.O.D.-Sports, Transport Incharge
Ms. Anju Bala B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed Sports Teacher
Mr. Suresh Kumar B.A., B.PED, H.TET, Course(Football) Sports Teacher
Ms. Renu Dahiya GNM Nurse
Accounts Dept.
Ms. Sarita B.Com., Clerk
Ms. Preeti B.Com, M.Com., B.Ed. Clerk
Ms. Minakshi B.Com., Stenography(Eng) Receptionist
Library Faculty
Mrs. Usha Kadyan B.A., B.Lib.,M.Lib.,M.A.,Dip. In Comp. Senior wing Librarian
Ms. Ritu Rathee B.A., B.Lib.,M.Lib.,Dip. In Comp. Junior Wing Librarian